Found 7th Jan 2008
Hi guys,

My xbox 360 gave me "the ring of death" last night and as I got it from Boots they can only refund me due to not stocking 360's anymore. Therefore i need to buy one again and was wondering if anyone has an idea where i can get a good deal?

All i need is an premium pack with an extra controller but no games. Was even considering the Elite version or is there a newer on out nowerdays for a similar price?



Wow youre lucky. This gives you the oppurtunity to start again.

Are you a gamer, and did you make use of the hard drive on the 360 you had?

If so, you can get an Xbox 360 elite from pc world for about £280.

I'll sell you a 360 pro, Madcatz mega accesory pack, Halo 2 and PGR4 for £250, all new still sealed boxed with reciept :w00t: .
Bought it in November and never got around to opening it, rofl.

Actually I have no idea who are doing decent 360 offers at the moment, normally have half decent bundles.

p.s. If anyone in London really does want my 360 let me know :whistling:.

try the dixons website, enter the 360 elite into your shopping basket and go to checkout, if you use the voucher code JAN10 (I think it is) this will knock off £10.
Then contact customer services at PC world, they will do a price match less a percentage of the difference. I got the elte down to £266.50
Hope this helps

i was just thinking mate cause if i touch it it will void ur microsoft warrenty....y dnt u send it back 2 microsoft and they should fix this free,
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