Xbox 360 120 gb Hard Drive

    What are the best prices on this.... as I could just upgrade to an elite... but then i have to get the cable... and I am not really bothered woth HDMI

    Thanks in advance


    I dont think u can buy it seprately here yet

    try there beware custom charges though

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    I have seen a few for sale already i think, especially at major retailers... just it is around 130 quid, wondering if i could knock some off


    Where've you seen it, spose i could look for vouchers, quidco?

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    GAME its 129.99...
    Same at HMV.. but i can get 10% off there :P

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    release date: 24-8-2007 at both

    yeah HMV do student discount, so do virgin.
    HMV also do 10% quidco.

    HMV looks best bet

    i got mine about 5 months ago from america for £50 :-D

    getting it in america is cheaper if you can wait or have someone going there, if you getting it here u may as well get the elite and and sell x360 pro to game..i got my elite for £249, a £100 £20...
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