xbox 360

    thinking of getting one but i've heard lots of things about them breaking down lot. half of them on ebay are faulty and that doesn't give me confidence. whats everyone else opinon.

    cheers neil


    pick up a good deal, warranty is 3 years on the main problem so not a lot to lose :thumbsup:

    The best buy you'll make.
    If you get Red Ring Of Death, you'll wish you never bought it

    I've had mine for a year and a half, had no problems.
    You have to keep it in a well ventilated area (eg not a cabinet)
    If it does RROD you just get it repaired for free

    The new versions [falcons] are less proned to RROD. But it still hasn't prevented it.

    Get a PS3! [just flaming for dandoc2]

    Microsoft have found the source of the problem and the newer models should not have any problems with them, most console on launch have teething problems, so unless you buy one of the first models to be released , you will be ok !.

    Two of my friends who've had the falcon have had RRODs. But the other 5 havent.

    i have had one since december 2005 and it hasnt got a single red-light.

    Dont buy off ebay as thats where the majority of faulty xboxes are sold.

    Look for cheap deals on this site. Get one it will be the best decision you have made this year!

    What games do you like?

    Also all new 360's have a 3 year guarantee

    Don't let it put you off. As has been mentioned, the new Falcon chipsets will reduce the frequency of this happening. Plus you've got a 3 year warranty anyway. Now is a good time to buy a 360, there are a lot of good deals about.

    posted this before and got slated for it but it worked out good for me sons was taken repaired and returned no problems…htm

    I have had mine since Janurary 2007 with no problems cept Xbox Live which isnt a console issue

    You see a lot of faulty consoles for sale on ebay simply because they have "tampered" with them and voided the warranty.

    I used mine for around 10-15 hours a week for over a year without any problems. The newer ones are supposed to be more reliable but if you are really worried, wait till Argos do a good deal and buy one from them and take out their warranty cover - its about £35 for 3 years.......(although MS offer 3 years for if you get 3 red rings it does not cover anything else)

    RROD is so easy to fix, it's just a lot of fuss over nothing really.

    I bought my current 360 from Ebay for £40 months ago as faulty, repaired it, and it's been perfect ever since.
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