xbox 360....

    basically i'm thinking of getting a 360. what sort of prices should i be paying for a new one premium or elite (i want the HDD)?

    similarly a second hand one in as new condition. only thing about this is the warranty..... is is going to go wrong? Is the risk worth the saving.

    im really looking for one with COD4 and probably pgr3. are there any deals around at the moment?

    rep available for any help! :P


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    also if i buy a arcade package and a HDD will i be missing any other features?

    You will be missing a HD Cable, Headset, Ethernet Cable and Headset.

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    You will be missing a HD Cable, Headset, Ethernet Cable and Headset.

    but nothing that i cannot buy as an extra. might it work out cheaper?

    considering everything i'd recommend a premium, best prices around when I looked yesterday

    My boyfriends premium broke last week so i was going to buy a core one and use the extras like headset, hardrive etc i had with the last one. Found a good deal at comet, included arcade model, arcade games, extra wireless remote, pgr 4, viva pinata and an extra game of choice. Good games as well. Anyway, they were out of stock at my local so i went to one 30 miles away as they told me they had stock but when i got there they said the offered had expired the week before. In the end i bought a premium from toys r us for £210 with halo 3. So now i am just going to sell my hdd drive, halo 3 and extras i dont need to make some of the cash back. £210 for premium was best deal i could find that was in stock as it seems a lot of shops have sold out. Game have nationwide shortages.
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