xbox 360 20gb

    ive got one, what else can i do with it apart from play games as i know there are usually a ton of stuff extra


    play dvds, stream films and music from your pc

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    can the 360 be made to run like the old xbox xbmc??


    there's a hack out there now but it's still early, and it won't work if you accept the new dashboard. which you've probably already done. also once hacked with linux installed it won't be able to play games, at least not until it matures somewhat. and even then you won't be able to use the same machine for live.

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    ah right cheers for ya help guys, was hoping to get rid of my old xbox and use the 360 as my media center but not just yet it seems lol

    the 360 will play divx/xvid, wmvs, mp3s and some other stuff, it won't play mkvs tho. or movs, rmvbs etc.
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