Xbox 360 20gb hdd

    I'm looking to buy a hdd for my xbox as I only have a memory card but do I REALLY need bigger than a 20gb one?
    I can get one from microsoft for £12.99 or I could spend a bit more on the starter kit and pay about £50 for a 60gb and 3 months live.
    My question is though, do I reeally need more than a 20gb? I'm already use to the memory card so am I going to be missing out on much if I just get the 20gb one?


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    I used a 20Gb drive for a year and a half and didnt use anywhere near its capacity. If you're going to play your games from disc then 20gb is more than enough for you to use to download the odd few demos and/or movies etc.

    Remember that some games have downloadable content that can be up to 1gb so if you take those, downloading games on to drive, movies and demos into account then a 60gb or 120gb is prob better for you.

    If you're not too fussed about downloadable content and jus play the games from disc then 20gb is good enough. :thumbsup:

    If you are the type that play one game until you complete the game and just then go to the next game and forget about the first one then you should fine with 20gb.

    Each game uses about 6gb or 7gb when you install it on the HDD. So you could install 2 with no problems and download a couple of demos.

    where can you get a 20GB for £12.99?

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    Hey thanks for the advice.
    When I put in my serial id and console id on the xbox site, it came up saying I could get one from them as I only have an Xbox arcade.

    i find that the 20 gb hard drive is a good size - the only prob that i cud find that is that with some of them, they have had a few problems with faults - mine went up the bucket and i had to send it off to be repaired - luckily it was still under guarantee.
    hope you may find this useful in some way!
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