Xbox 360 20gb or 60gb?

    Xbox 360 20gb ~ £100-140 (~preowned-new)
    Xbox 360 60gb with Pro evo '09 and Fable 2 = £167 (asda)

    20gb can be softmodded pretty easily, however there is the risk of RROD.
    60gb can not be softmodded yet, however the risk of RROD is less.

    option a) Buy a 20gb preowned, softmod and use the money saved to buy extra controller.

    option b) Buy a 60gb new, wait for firmware, play games and sell them off for profit.

    What do you guys think? Should I buy the 60gb and wait for the mods to be released, or should i just go with the 20gb and use the "unlimited backup of my originals."


    60gb it will have the newer chip ergo it will be cooler and will last longer
    You can always sell pes 2009 and get fifa

    take the 60gb deal and send me Fable2
    everyone a winner


    I think the resale value of fable 2 and pes 2009 is about to take a hit, if asda sell out everyone will be trying to get rid at the same time.

    Buy the 60GB version & swap it for my (non modded) 20gb version that has had 1 RROD fixed & an easy drive to soft mod

    Original Poster

    Sarcasm is not appreciated!!!

    I'm 50/50 at the moment... The RROD thing is really scaring me (never owned a xbox before), and the fact that I'm a MSE user means that a gamer like me can't afford to buy every new game on release day. Obviously not scared to try softmodding it lol...

    Fable 2 I'd sell to you for £30 :P
    Pro evo hasn't been the same since the new gen consoles came out... It's a huge shame, i've played this series since the days of ISS (international superstar soccer) and it used to captivate me to no end.

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    So Asda deal is running out Monday...

    I'm still unsure what to do.

    20gb will be easy to softmod if the dvd-drive is the right type, but there's always the RROD issue if I don't mod the casing as well.

    60gb deal will run out on Monday but I'm sure something else will come along before Xmas. I've heard that the update in November will allow games to be stored on the HDD... I wonder if this in turn could be used to play "back-ups" on the HDD.

    get 60gb, buy a benq drive from ebay and replace it.

    everyone a winner
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