XBOX 360 4GB - Compromised by no HDD? Noisy?

Found 6th Jan 2011
I’m thinking of buying a console purely to play a few racing games but I know little about them.
There are good deals on the XBOX 360 4GB but is the lack of a HDD a hindrance?
I understand the external HDDs aren’t cheap so that isn’t attractive; if the price gets too high I’d rather get a PS3 as it adds Blu-ray.

My nephew had an early 360 and it was very loud as far as I can remember.
How does the newer 4GB sound and also is the PS3 slim any louder or quieter?
I like quiet stuff and especially so for a PS3 Slim if I used it for movies.
Thanks. It’s all new to me. HELP!
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check this out…ole

if you want it just for racing games, i would personally say go for the xbox 360 4gb, since it's the cheapest.
new xbox is extremely quiet over the older models, i barely hear mine.

racing games? in my eyes GT5 let me down alot, whilst forza was far superior so for me i would say def get an xbox but if you can get the 250gb as you never know when you want extra space
both my ps3s are silent(release day phat and a 320gb slim), 360s are louder than ps3s but not that much louder if you install the game to the hdd, can't do that with a dvd though so if you plan to watch dvds with the console you choose, go for a ps3

wouldn't bother with a 4gb 360 if you want it to be quiet as that's not even enough space to install 1 game

if its true about the xbox slim being silent even when reading then 4gb will be enough
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4gb just isnt enough!
Add on a phat hard drive to it like I have done. Mine was a 4gb its now a 64gb hard drive. More than enough for me

Guides on on how to do it and cost for a 20gb hdd is around £12 for a 24gb xbox

I have both ps3 and xbox 360 phat and slim and mate the only difference for me is the Blu ray drive on a ps3.

Both are as good as each other
Thanks for all the replies; as usual some things to think about.

So with no HDD the games play from disc which I suppose is slower and maybe noisier!
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