Found 11th Sep 2006

I need help i am looking to buy an Xbox 360, just wondering what the cheapest deal is out there? For the one with HDD etc...

I did order one off chatterbox for £199 but then the cancelled my order due to being out of stock !!

Any help would be great


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The best deal I've seen lately for a Premium 360, PGR 3 and Perfect Drak Zero is at sendit,com. £299 including P + P, saving about £80 off rrp.

Here's the link: ]http//ww…418

Thanks tinneyf & welcome to HUKD tinneyf & Sc0ward

Forget not Quidco (6% - for NEW customers only) !

Original Poster

Whats Quidco ??

Best deal i have found is £269.00

Hmmmm I really want one aswell

Cheers for the link tho tinneyf

Quidco is a cashback site where, if you go through them, you can get cashback from the retailer. The cashback could be either fixed amount / sale or a percentage of the purchase. More info at:



this may not work but you can 360 full 329 at littlewoods.for first order you get 20% off plus 6% quidco plus 10% cashback after you out 36%off=£210.56?

please correct me if this is inncorrect.

looking at it again it may work out at £222.60 still not bad

p.s. you can also spread payments over 52 weeks interest free.might help lighten the load.

How did you work that out betelgeus ?

20% Off for new customers + 6% Quidco is there. Where did that extra 10% off come from? Sorry, if I miss something :wink:

members of littlewoods get 10% cashback for all monies they pay off there accounts.i.e. you pay £100 off account you get £10 if you take it in goods you get 12.5%.i am unsure if this only works for certain accounts.i know i get it but ive been with them 15 years so i just presumed all get it.…cct

Oh I wasnt aware of that betelgeus

Thanks for clarifying :thumbsup:

Original Poster

Anymore luck any1 ??

Am really after a deal that doesnt include quidco or any cashback offers !!

Still £269 is best deal i can find and thats off chatterbox !!

Ive Got One Since Last Xmas And Microsoft Messed Up On The Extended Warrenty Covered Till 2009 And I Didnt Pay A Penny Good Init


Nice spot on the littlewoods deal betelgeus. Mybe check this out though if you're not a new customer.

Is the premium the same as the full system ? ... if so check out edi's post


You have the choice to use the £5 off code, or alternatively use Code: GENK72 to get an extra 1000 points
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