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    Have actually started considering buying my first console for about 12 years! However, I started looking into it and soon discovered everything's a rip-off! If you buy the core you have to buy either an overpriced hard drive or a memory card to save games (I couldn't believe they would sell something that doesn't come with the ability to save a game!)

    The if you want to hook it up wirelessly to your pc you have to buy an adaptor for the back (the microsoft one is well overpriced of course), if it can connect wirelessly to a wireless controller why can't it connect to a pc???

    One controller as standard, this is standard issue on all consoles but still, shipping something that you can only play on your own until you buy another controller.....and on the subject of controllers why not make the wireless one rechargeable as standard? why make you buy a charging pack.

    Other things got on my nerves but I'm ranting now. :viking:


    I agree with what you are saying. However its available to buy now, has some great games and if you follow Hotukdeals bargains for packages, games, controllers and wireless dongles come up regularly. you could wait a bit longer and the price may come down and I imagine the premium hard drive will get bigger, but don't hold your breath.

    I agree with you to a certain extent such as the wireless point, it should be wi-fi out of the box but that would bump the price up so they leave it out to attract larger market, if you want to connect to a wireless network easiest way (in my opinion) and cheapest is to connect the 360 to a computer and use ICS and share the connection, or buy a cheaper nextworking device and the only reason the adapter is soo expensive is because it does not have an extrnal power brick..

    but for the price of £280 (premium) you cant really moan for what you are getting, your getting a media hub that can play videos, dvd's, music, stream data from your PC as well as play next gen gaming and more...

    bundles now comming out which give you an extra controller and 2 games for £300 so £20 more and you get an extra controller and 2 games and if you want more controllers just log on here at HUKD and find one for about £9 (Lx Direct codes :-D )

    Anyhoo thats me done...but overall the xbox 360 is ace and will win the PS3 IMO cause of the price, time on the market, and overall fun it gives you...also anyone notice how terrible the PS2 actually is once you've played the 360? i nearly killed myself ish.....:santa:


    following on spudgun's quote of the 360 hard drive getting bigger i heard microsoft have already (or are ) devoloped (devoloping) a hard drive of 100GB and the price is supposely to be around £100 - £120....not bad we all need it for the HD, DVD, TV shows content we will be able to download in the near future via xbox live in the UK!>! :santa:

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    what sort of thing can you download from xbox live? why not download it on your pc and stream it through the xbox?

    stuff includes content such as Tv shows that have aired or tv shows that will come so you may be able to get them a few days before....also there's stuff like you will be able to rent movies for like £3 in standard dvd format or HD format...not sure if you can do this on PC's....:santa:

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    rent movies in HD format? they're about 30gig aren't they? it would be overdue before it finished downloading if you know what I mean plus I think Tiscali would kick me off for the bandwidth usage.......still can't see the point of xbox live.

    i heard they have it compressed into some crazy size of like 8gb thats not that bad...and the only reason for xbox live is to play online gaming! thats the only reason you need is amazing you have to try it before you come to a final decision.:santa:
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