Xbox 360 accesories

    Does anyone know where i can get a deal that includes the play and charge pack and also a seperate battery pack, or 2 play and charges?

    I recieved an Xbox 360 for my xmas from my lass.:thumbsup:


    hi, i found this on HUKD…673

    seems really good, i find the quick charge kit easier IMO and with this deal you can get the Quick Charge Kit & another selected accessorie ( i would go for the remote ) and you save £10! additional battery packs can be purchased from gameplay for £9.99.

    but another ace deal is that you can get the quick charge kit (comes with 1 battery pack) and another battery pack for £23.98 from amazon... so 2 battery packs and a charger.…mes

    As for the play and charge kit (also comes with 1 battery) you can get that and an additional battery for £22.98 from amazon as 2 battery packs and a charger.…mes

    Hope this helps, it was the best deals i could find. :santa:


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    i dont do amazon mate, had a bad experience and lost abot of money so iv never been back.

    Thanks for the help tho, rep given

    ahh in that case you can find the play and charge kit and an additional battery for £24.98 from Game! either instore (i presume) or online.…025

    the quick charge kit and an additional battery would be £29.98 from game as well.…798

    also if you have a nearby gamestation near you, they have a deal which is that if you buy any xbox 360 game you get £5 of an accessorie, one of the accessorie is a quick charge kit, so it'll be £14.99 and an additional battery would be £9.99 so £24.98 but you have to buy a game.

    Hope this is more help to you. :santa:



    i'd get 2 play and charge kits. order them from lx direct as one order, and use the codes XX494 & ZQ4322. That makes 2 play and charge kits just £5.50 delivered. bargain!

    forget about that one, nice find emasu.. i did that with my xbox live gold membership and got it for £14.49 delevired. :santa:

    gosh, i always luv an lxdirect bargain... hehe

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    do you not need to open an account etc with them first (credit check )?
    yeh it is its littlewoods shopping which i wont be able to open an account due to me having poor credit rating from a woman who fleeced me years ago

    Yes, you do need to open an account. Have a try anyway, they may let you in...

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    ah cool, ok then ill try it

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    ok i done it under my name but had to use my girlfreinds Meastro card as they dont accept Visa (crappy) Electron.

    Went through fine £5.50

    How will i know then if im going to recieve this?

    you should have an invoice which says the amount due and deleviery date...also keep looking at bank statements. also a pointer dont be shocked if they take the whole amount of the play and charge kit (without the codes) because i have heard they refund you the money back a week after you receive the item.:santa:

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    cool, if they charge me the full amount ill just send the stuff back.

    so id better not rip them open for a week dam !!

    yep lol...also that code can be used again on other things as well i xbox live vision cam is only £10 with the code!!

    This lxdirect thing is a little strange, ordered a wireless controller and got the confirmation email:

    1 wireless controller PU489A5 Estimated delivery by Thu 25th January £ 32.99
    £ -3.30 XX494
    £ -25.00 ZQ432

    Sub Total £ 32.99
    Total Discount £ -28.30
    Delivery £ 3.50
    Total Including Delivery £ 8.19

    Tried opening another account under the same contact details to buy a livecam, came up on screen as £10 delivered after discount but the confirmation email showed £35 total.

    Logged into my account, on the track order tab it shows both orders i made under the one account now with the values £33.19 and £35.???


    Could somebody help me before i spend too much.

    Buying the hard drive from LX Direct.

    Cost including p&p is £64.99

    After including the discount codes it brings it down to about £34.

    Can i pay by direct debit card or to get the discount do i have to register with their flexible payment scheme.

    Because when i go to pay via direct debit it says my total order is £58 instead of the £34 quoted on the previous screen?

    Any help would be appreciated



    hey catspunge, welcome to the forums. You can pay by whatever you find easiest I think. The whole price does get taken out at the start, but they will recredit you for the discount when the item is dispatched.



    Thank you very much for your help

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