xbox 360 adapter

ip address keeps failing


Is your router secured and you've entered the details into the 360?

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all done many thanks

Go on, admit it, it wasn't plugged in.

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Go on, admit it, it wasn't plugged in.

you nearly got it!! the switch on the mains wasn't switched on:roll: now it comes up with failed with the ip address any advice?

Kellie + Paisley;1662831

you nearly got it!!

Story of my life, I will get 'it' soon.

Kellie + Paisley;1662831

any advice?

Stay away from men like me. :thumbsup:

Seriously though, I know nothing about routers etc, if it can't be cured by switching off and on again, I am lost. :oops:

turn router off and modem for one minute, then re-try it.

u need to have the xbox and pc turned off when u reset the router, turn one on wait, then the other, should sort itself out
let us know if it dont
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