xbox 360 added subscription to wrong account ?

    last night i added a 13mth gold voucher to my account but i was signed into messenger so it auto signed me into my old 360 account spoke to ms for well over an hour all security questions and stuff and at the end they said sorry im stuck with my old account for 13mths gutted managed to change my email addy to my old account but ive lost all my gamer pics and stuff because you cant transfer them managed to redownload my cod4 maps on my old account and they ok but gamer pics not available

    so what im asking is there anyway of getting some free ms points without joining a pyramid system cos they suck...
    dont mind questionairs


    I've never know free MS Points to be given out mate. I did the same thing as you, but luckily I only did it with a 24 hour code.

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    pain in butt init ..really helpfull ms .. asked all the question then big fat NO:x

    ive had 500 free before cant remember where tho it was just a small questionair i only have the one, i couldnt say what might happen... however, i like how they automatically renew the membership if previously payed with a card...this being the second year, i foolishly didnt think about it..and i got an email to say update info, went to a day later..but they had already done it all.. nevermind

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