Xbox 360 advice & Deal request please

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Found 8th Oct 2008
I am thinking of getting my 16 year old a xbox 360 for christmas or maybe before.

Does anyone have advice as to what edition / features to get and which deals are best?

Many Thanks


Depends on your budget, the entry level XBOX360 ARCADE is about £129...for about £30 more you can get the XBOX360 PREMIUM. The difference between the Arcade & the Premium is that the Premium includes a Hard Disk, which is usefull if its connected to the Internet where you can play over the internet against friends and download demos.

game.co.uk frequently have good offers on, maybe wait til the weekend as i bought mine on a weekend only offer

I brought mine a couple of weeks ago when it was on special at Toys R Us. Paid £169.99 with three games - 60GB version.


Sainsbury are selling the arcade for £99, and the pro for £139

The main difference between the pro and the arcade is the that the pro comes with a hard drive and headset.

The hard drive is used to dowload game demos, updates for games, dowloading xbox arcad games(mini games), and dowloading movies.

You can play online with both the pro and the arcade, and game updates can be downloaded to a memory card if you don't have a hard drive. So the same gaming experience can be had on both if you only want to play xbox360 games, and are not bothered with game demos, movies, arcade games.

However for the small difference in price I would get the pro as having a hard drive really does make the xbox 360 a better experience overall. Plus the headset makes online play a better experience as well.

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Hey, thanks guys for the advice, some good pointers, perhaps I will go for the pro / premium version and work out a way to get him online as I`m sure he will enjoy that & can play mates over the net.

Trying to find incentives to keep him home more often, I`m sure you all know what teenagers are like & get up to!

I would definitely go with the premium as the likelihood is he will need a harddrive at some point (they will soon be giving you the option to 'install' the game on the HD so it plays quieter and runs a little faster) and so it would make much more sense to pay the little extra now as the HD is more expensive seperately.

There is an offer on at gamestation which is pretty good as you get a 2nd wireless controller free with the new fifa 09 game

If you have a virgin credi card you can get 10% off any packages they have their which is what i will be doing soon.
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