XBOX 360 advice - noisy fan + manufacture date

    I've just bought a new XBOX 360 (20gb mid range) for one of my children. The fan seems quite noisy but it is a regular sound (doesn't sound broken or anything), is this normal ?

    Also it was just purchased in Mar 2008, & the MRF date on the back of the console is 2007-12-02. Can I just check does anyone know if this is actually 2nd Dec & not 12th Feb, & will it have latest bits internally inside?

    Any advice appreciated, as we have no previous experience of Xbox360. Thanks again.


    2007-12-02 = Dec 2nd
    I think they are all noisy when reading game discs. (mine is & it's a 2008 Elite)
    Some drives can be quieter than others but have experienced benq & hitachi and they are both noisy.
    Models made around october 07 onwards should be fitted with Falcon chipset, and you no doubt have the HDMI connectivity on the back also.

    Yep, thats what I found. 360's manufactured post October '07 should have the falcon chipset whcih is currently the newest hardware version. All 360's are noisy unfortunatley.

    Sigma, if you want to improve your picture you could use a HDMI cable if your telly has HDMI, the cables are about £5.

    Or the cable you get with the elite also has 5.1 breakout capability which you could use along with an hdmi cable - only problem is that the MS official one costs about £35 :w00t:
    (helps to drown out the fan noise)


    Children are very expensive ! :w00t:

    My kids were free. It's just the accessories that cost a bloomin' fortune.:-D


    Yep, the TV's got an HDMI connector, & I was going to get one next time I … Yep, the TV's got an HDMI connector, & I was going to get one next time I spotted a bargain, but the pic is so much better than the old PS2 & the HD TV is just a standard model so I'll stick with existing cables for now.However, my eldest has a top of the range Samsung HD LCD & he would like an Elite console, but I think that package comes with an HDMI cable included. Children are very expensive ! :w00t:

    Elite does come with hdmi cable etc, currently good deal at Zavvi for Elite + 3 games for £270.
    (that's where I got mine from)
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