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    Hi, Im a newbie to the xbox 360 however, i am realy impressed with it so i need some help guys!

    I BOUGHT an xbox 360 premium, xbox 360 hd dvd player (got it cheap) and a xbox live membership just waiting to get a xbox live adapter now!

    Im moving houses soon so i will have a garage converted into a room and i want to be able to play my xbox 360 wirelessley.

    What i need is a hd tv, i dont know whats better plasma or lcd and i am on a budget of £400-500£500 for the tv. I will need atleast a 23", i will want to watch tv, i will connect my ntl box, want to watch hd movies and dvds, play games etc!!!

    Also needs to be used as a pc monitor AND i also need a good surround system

    Can anyone help please and what do i need to look for ie what is hdmi, component, s-video, composite etc if anyone is an expert please help me!


    People say you don't really notice the "HD" effect until you get to screen sives of 26" or atleast 32". Try looking for a Samsung as they are coming down in price - they have just launched a new line of products so the existing will come down in price.

    Tesco have 32" (I think) Samsung LCD TVs quite cheap, about £600 I think... I only saw them out of the corner of my eye the other night though, so not entirely sure.

    The Toshiba 32WL66 would probably fit the bill for you. This is the Freeview-less version of the WLT66 TV that features very highly on review lists and theres a deal around at the moment that has it for under £500!

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    thats not a ad tv that!
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