XBox 360 and Sky.


    Hoping you guys may be able to help me.

    My son has an XBox 360, we also have sky full package. He's telling me that he is able to watch sky through his XBox.

    What I'd like to know is how does this work, what do I need to do, cost etc?




    Decent network/internet connection and Sky Player on the xbox....

    if you have sky full package then i dont think you have to pay anything, you just have to sign into your sky on his xbox, you can get a username and password on the sky website if you dont have one, he does need to be a gold xbox live member though

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    Thanks for that, might have to upgrade our BB. What sort of price is the gold live membership?

    This will be great for him as Sky wouldn't install a box in his room because it's a loft conversion!!

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    Thats brilliant chelskii

    Will show him this when he gets in from school

    either that or try a sky eye there about 4quid only down side is you got to watch the same program from the box its running from

    do you need multi room aswell ??

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    No we already have multi room.

    Can you watch all the programmes or is it just certain programmes?

    Its not all the programmes but there is a full list on the skyplayer website

    If you have a multiroom subscription his xbox will act like a normal sky box (except programming will be down the BB line). you can also watch any on demand stuff from the packages you subscribe to.

    i think 2mb Minimum BB is advised

    Nothing else to pay, you just need to have xbox live gold, download the sky player app, authorise the xbox through your dashboard online and you are away.

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    Brilliant thanks for all the info!
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