Xbox 360 and the HD Drive - question please!!

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Found 20th Oct 2007
Ok, so i'm going to buy one tomorrow (hopefully), but I have a question that is probably quite daft!

On the back of the HD movies, the boxes state that they are 1080p - is this the maximum resolution that they will display at? - meaning that they will display at 720i/p, 1080i/p. The reason I ask is that my 360 is the older one without HDMI, connected to the TV using the componant cables, and the TV will only do up to 1080i over componant. 1080p over HDMI only.

So with my current set-up, will the '1080p' labled movies play, albeit at lower res HD?

thanks y'all!


Yep, max is 1080p but they also support 720p - I have one 360 setup over hdmi with 1080p and one over component with 720p, both play HD DVDs films perfectly.

Not a daft question though, always worth checking this sort of thing out first before you spend your money.


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Cheers John,

So basically whatever HD mode the 360 is set to!

Xbox 360 over component can display 1080p

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MY tv will only do up to 1080i over component, if i want 1080p it's HDMI only.

Ill be getting an HD DVD drive for christmas i think as i really cant think of anything else to get.

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[SIZE=2]well I got one...... PDG![/SIZE]

get your claim in for the 5 free HD-DVD's :thumbsup:

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children of men
full metal jacket
black rain

and not really sure about the last one, probably chronicles of riddick

With a little bit of work you can get the HD-DVD drive to work with a PC (via USB).

When I get my new TV sorted I intend to stick a blu ray drive and HD-DVD add on in a good PC. Then install anydvd HD and PowerDVD Ultra and i'll be sorted.

I've been meaning to try and have another go at getting mine working with the PC, didn't have much luck with it last time though.

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