xbox 360 and wireless adapter

    ok, so have finally got the hang of xbox live!!

    but have to keep moving my router downstairs everytime i go on...


    The Xbox 360 wireless adapter which is approx £50 - do I have to use the official one or will any wireless usb adapter work?

    Am I best hardwiring my 360 into the router and getting an adapter for the PC instead?

    Anyone know how much bandwidth, say... an hour of online gaming uses? (i'm supposed to be capped - thankfully it's very loosely enforced!)

    I think that's all for now - unless anyone has any tips for me - as i'm still a 360 newb!



    hey, there are sites to check how much bandwidth gaming uses but off the top of my head i'm not sure, i'd go for hard wiring the 360, because from what i have heard is that wireless gameplay can cause lag. i'm not entirely sure if there are 3rd party wireless kits for the 360 but would be easier just getting an adapter for your pc


    Am I best hardwiring my 360 into the router and getting an adapter for … Am I best hardwiring my 360 into the router and getting an adapter for the PC instead?

    Yes not only will it work out cheaper but packet loss won't make much of a difference for normal internet use either,

    As for bandwidth usage, I don't know how you'd monitor that.



    Get official, official always best and u can get support anywhere if something goes wrong u can even ring up Micro$oft

    Erm.......... Who's your ISP?

    erm............Its better to use Wired but i use wireless because its easier. Wired wouldn't make much difference unless ur streaming movies etc etc

    What router your using?

    Original Poster

    cheers guys, but that's one a piece - hardwired to 360 and dongle for PC & get the official dongle for the 360!!!

    I'm surprised someone has to ask what my ISP is!! I go on about it so much - it's SKY!! and the router is the standard Netgear DG834GT.

    I've read a couple of reviews here and there that say the official dongle is the dog's... and very fast??

    Obviously, i'm totally clueless when it comes to these things, so, anyone else care to join in....please?

    The official dongle is a horrendous ripoff, it really is - I did buy it but only for convenience, I can't cable mine into the router otherwise that's what I'd do. If you can cable the 360 in, I'd do so as it's much cheaper to get your PC running wirelessly.

    As for bandwidth, it's not much - usually the most convenient way to monitor bandwidth usage is to use your ISP, they often provide tools on their website which show how much you've downloaded. What is probably going to use more bandwidth is if you download demos, a standard 360 demo is around the 700MB to 1GB mark.



    I have the same router as you and bought the official xbox adaptor. Kept cutting off.

    So bought cable instead.

    No problems now.

    Gave my brother the adaptor (he has different router), loses connection for him, but not as frequent as it did for me.

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    Thanks everyone for your replies - I've been out and bought a 15 metre network cable. I'll be taking it through the living room ceiling and a partition wall - sounds a bigger job than it actually is!!

    Aside from the cost, I've found the wireless adapter works fine - no disconnects at all although this Zyxel router seems to give reliable connections.

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