XBox 360 arcade, what can I do with it?

    my brother has given me his xbox.

    dont know much about what they are capable of.

    would like to play movies on it etc

    use it as a media centre.

    would appreciate any helpful hints and tips

    really, im a total novice with these things.


    You can pick up a HDD from CEX for £25 which would allow you to do more stuff.

    You can play most avi files.

    If you have Sky you can set up one 360 to stream Sky content.

    With an HDD you can download a bunch of Demos.

    I think you can do some facebook stuff on it now.

    play it.


    read the instruction manual or search the internet , sure theres a few million posts about somewhere

    I found it too noisey as media centre

    hummm - does the edit button work for anyone else since the update?

    anyway I wanted to add that the elite I have now is much quiter than my old non-hdmi one so it depends which model you have - still it's a bit too noisey really.

    I just traded mine in at CEX with some games today got £96.
    Will probably buy a Nintendo Wii for the youngest member of the family.
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