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    I know nothing about xbox's and have no audio technical knowledge so be gentle

    First of all are the headphones which plug into the front of the joypad for voice chat only or also for in game sound/effects etc?

    Secondly I'm using my PC monitor instead of a TV and so I'm using a VGA cable, the audio connectors are white and red RCA type (I think). Pic below-…jpg

    I want to listen through headphones, how is this possible? Any help welcome.


    As far as I'm aware, the headset which plugs into the joypad is for voice chat only - when in use, comunication with other players comes through the headset and all other audio still comes through the TV.

    I'm not sure if you can drive headphones straight off the phono leads though, I would assume you need something in between to handle the output.


    The headphones that plug into the Pad are just for communication, not for in game audio...

    If you are using your PC Monitor instead of a TV, you'll need to convert the RCA connection to 3.5mm (that is if the Monitor has Audio Input/Speakers). Something like this:…7m6

    If you have other Speakers for the PC, you might need to go into the Line Input of the Sound Card using the same above connection and then running sound through the PC (making sure Line In is not muted on the PC).

    If you want to switch between the PC Speakers and Headphones easily, use a Media Hub:…D=Y

    These are just items I know of, there will be other places that do them as well, so feel free to search

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    Thing is my PC may be off sometimes when playing the XBOX so maybe this is the answer: RCA converter to 3.5mm --> speaker --> 3.5mm output --> headphones. Seem OK?

    Where can I get the cheapest speakers with 3.5mm input & output?

    Good question! I'm trying to think if there's a simpler way of doing this, I recently picked up a cheap little subwoofer and pair of speakers from Maplins which had a 3.5mm in and headphone out - they were less than 20 pounds, it may be easiest to pop into a local electronics shop and have a look. I've had a browse online but it's not very clear what exact inputs/outputs the speakers have.


    Original Poster

    Thanks for that, looks like a trip to Maplin's is due.

    Glad to be of service :thumbsup:

    Excellent, pleased to hear you're all sorted.

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