xbox 360 av lead

    does anyone know if you can buy these from a highstreet shop, i think its called the av cable its the one with the coloured bits on the end, my nephews has broke and was going to buy him a new one, and thought rather than wait for delivery from online i might be able to get one from a shop but ive no idea where might stock them.


    Hi pink-ka, Yes you can buy these in the highstreet in places like Game,HMV etc not sure of any current deal's . One thing i will say is are you sure the cable has broke and not the console,reason i ask was on my old console the screen went black and i thought this was the AV lead but it turned out to be the connection inside.Might be worth trying one of a friend's if possibly.If not then im sure Game would test it for you if you take it into one of there store's.That's what i did hence finding out it was more serious than a cable replacement.

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    hi its definatly the cable, my nephew has broke the bit with the coloured bits on lol hes murder for breaking things, thanks for the reply i will go into town tomorrow and check out the shops.
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