Xbox 360 Best Deal? (not From Shopt0)

Can Someone Find Me A Good Deal On A Xbox 360 But Not From Shopto.net.



can i aske why not shopto.net

i dont like them tbh as they told me to lie about a item i got from them to royal mail but just wanted to know why u dont thanks


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I am having problems ordering form shopto

im sure shopto use the gimmick of preordering consoles to keep you in limbo for weeks with a low price advertised eg £220 halo 3 edition 360 ,then 2 days later halt preorders but still keep page on website to boost hits for a non existant pre-order,thats my experience

i tried to order a ps3 from shopto last night. however they require 3d verification which isnt available on my debit card. forum there is full of complaints about the 3d thing. im trying to find another deal about the same for a 60gb but alas only ebay does and they look dodgy.

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is there sort of the same deal else ware

argos deal which has expired now but keep an eye out they are doing some pretty nice deals on them atm and wudnt be surprised if they have another xbox 360 deal soon.

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I will look thanks

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does anyone know if the xbox 360 premium on play.com has the hdmi port on it.

i got mine yesterday for £279. Premium console with Call of Duty 4 and the Orange Box. You can choose any game's. For the same price you could add Forza 2 with an extra wireless controller.

Nice post but the deal is now not active, bummer as i wanted the pay in 6 months option:(

My girlfriend got quite a good deal for an elite from the gamestation instore. you can buy an elite and any game up to the value of £50 for £319.99 and if you want you can pay £10 extra for the wireless entertainment pack (forza 2 and extra controller)
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