Xbox 360 - Best game to show off HD !

I am awaiting the arrival of my first LCD HD telly, and want a 360 game thats really gonna show off the HD potential !!! Any suggestions ?


Gears of War on my mates 52" hdtv is sick.

NFS carbon is a good one i personally think.

Gears of War, Fight Night Round 3 & PGR 3 (still) :thumbsup:

Deffo Gears of War...

Spiderman is good.swinging round NY

Bioshock!....Get Bioshock!!!!!
Brilliant game, im addicted to it (on my 14" tv :giggle:)

Great graphics tho!

You need a fast game, loads of detail, racing games are best, I think Burnout revenge looks awesome.

To see the best results your best off going downloading a HD trailer from marketplace.

There's not too many games that take full advantage of HD because it's a waste of money investing so much money into polishing graphics when the majority still has standard viewing but will do so in the very near future, as it's becoming more affordable.

Gears of War is great on HD, as will Bioshock and some of the other games coming out over the next couple months.

I've been playing Gears of War on 42" panasonic Viera and then i played it on a normal TV and it looked so weird, i really couldn't get used to it.

I also recommend that you buy a good quality cable to enhance your viewing pleassure.

Bioshock demo looked good on mine.

But all look so much better,

fight night mate excellent

id agree fight night is great
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