Xbox 360, best preowned deal?

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Found 22nd Dec 2010
Bought a HD monitor for upstairs, looking to grab an xbox 360 to go with it (have one downstairs so only need the console and leads really!).

Where are the best preowned deals? I heard Blockbuster had some for £49.99? Will try calling around in the morning!


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Anyone? I know posting at 2am wasn't ideal haha

Iv got a brand new boxed 360 4gb u can have for £120 delivered, I got it as a cokezone reward but want to raise funds for a new laptop or an iPad. Obviously that will be sent recorded or special (unsure of price) but I can't send before xmas....
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Tempted, going to try tesco later and/or tomorrow. Its £145 for the 4gb with NFS or Medal of Honor or F1 2010 included. So that would help me get some cashback! I'll think about your offer, unless you could lower then I may wait. How many cans of coke does it take lol, maybe I'll go that route...

it was 1300 points and each bottle is worth 2 points.......took me a long long time lol..........
you could prob buy it for the price you mentioned but then you have to sell one of those games and hope you get £25 for it,mine is still boxed and iv never opened it (its black by the way), let me know anyways

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Yeh as long as I sold for around £25 it'd be the same as getting it from you So I'll try today and tomorrow then I'll let you know if I didn't find one. Off to tesco in 10 mins but my local is small, I know theyre overloaded in Swansea city stores at least! Thanks!

EDIT: only one of the games were included, just incase it confuses anyone!
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if your in Swansea then i could even meet you in Cardiff tomorrow with it (if you can get to cardiff) as im there with work around teatime! obviously the price would then be £115 as i wouldnt need to post

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It's too far, you push a good bargain though lol. See what happens. Be back later

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No stock in my local. Will try the big one in Swansea tomorrow. Ever work in Swansea? Haha

@francodevil, u accept offers?


@francodevil, u accept offers?

fire away, but iv already gone pretty low, and it is brand new and boxed etc.....

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