XBox 360 & BF3 - installing HD textures


    I have a 4GB Xbox 360 S to which I have fitted a 250GB HDD. When I try to install the HD textures for BF3 multiplayer, the process fails about half way through.

    I have a suspicion that this is because the stupid game is trying to install it to the 4GB flash drive and not the 250GB HDD.

    Is there any way to get it to work? I don't want to open the machine up (e.g. to remove the 4GB unit) since it'll void the warranty.



    When you first played the game you would of selected 4gb drive as default for game saves?

    Look for change storage/save options in game, if that doesn't work I would delete all traces of bf3 from console and reinstall selecting your new HDD as default storage.

    Probably not relevant but I had a similar problem installing Gears Of War 2 or 3 I forget which. Where it just wouldn't install. I am sure in that case the fix was to sign out of XBLive and do the install and it worked (that's how I got it working). Weird one and not sure it will be the same thing but just in case thought I would mention it.
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    Thanks for the replies.
    The big HDD is selected as the default storage option and all DLC downloads to there.
    Loathe to delete it all and start again since there's so much DLC, but I might have to try it if all else fails.
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