Xbox 360 blurry with Monitor

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Found 28th Dec 2010
My monitor is fine with pc but whenever i play a xbox 360 game it looks terrible.. I have the res set to 1080p on xbox. It is connected via hdmi. The xbox dashboard looks fine it's just in game.


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I'm using the samsung p2450h


try it on 720p which the games generally are

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No, my monitor is 60 i think

Try pressing the Auto adjust button on your Monitor when booting the xbox. If it's got one it should calibrate the screen to sync with the settings the console needs
is it just one game that appears blurry? or every game? if you were having major problems then you would have black and white screen with every game you played, but as you don't mention that I think you may want to tinker with the xbox console / display settings a bit more. Don't forget to recalibrate the monitor after each time you change the setting, just so the screen can refresh and display the latest changes made.
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get a vga cable and connect it using that, it's what i use and i get a superb picture.

set the xbox to auto detect

which game is blurry and where ?


I wonder if it's downgrading the signal to 720p.

720p is far from blurry though
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