xbox 360 co-op games??? (LOCAL)

anyone know any games that u can play local cop-op games? like halo 3???

thanks in advance


The outfit. Rainbox 6,Ultimate alliance,Star wars lego, most Sports games

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thanks...add man...any more?

Gears of War

Dead or Alive 4 has some co-op option I think

how do i play halo3 co-op i cant work it out ??????

Campaign > Change the Network from xbox live to local,then a split screen co-op can be played


thanks...add man...any more?

Not as far as i know,me and my bro are trying to fidn some more co-op games, there seems to not many.
Coming out Army of Two will have co-op, Kane and Lynch will have.Brothers in arms should have co-op skirmish as it was in the previous game but nothing about multiplayer has been announced yet,apart from its going to be a totally different multiplayer game to other games,
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