xbox 360 code

    Hi guy's just wondering if anyone has a xbox live 48 hour code going spare, as I have just bought a xbox and would like to try and play a game online but need one of these codes to do so. will rep anyone willing to help many thanks.


    You get one month free when you join Live.

    you get 30 days free with new xbox 360's

    Edit: What he said ^^^

    yeah you get 30 days free on up to 4 accounts when you buy a new xbox ^_^

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    Thanks guy but already had an xbox live account in past and want to use the same one as I have game saves, which means i dont get the free trial, I would just like to have a quick blast on cod4 online to see if I enjoy it enough to buy a years subsciption.

    Rep left to you all thanks

    make a new account to have a quick go maybe? =]

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    Has no one got a free code out there :-(

    Original Poster

    Guess I wont be playing a quick game then :-( thanks anyway guy's
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