Xbox 360 composite vs VGA

Found 28th Oct 2007
Which is supposed to be better with a TFT TV?

I connected both up to my TV today, and the composite (which I thought was HD) was awful quality, whereas the VGA was crisp & clear. I always thought that the composite HD cable was actually slightly better than VGA. Is this not the case??

Cheers in advance for your answers :-)
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You are getting mixed up between composite and component

composite is the old fashioned yellow, white and red cables, whereas Component has 2 reds(1 sound 1 video) a white, blue and green, and theres a switch on the 360 cable which switches between modes, so if the cable is stuck on composite it will be terrible quality.
ah yes sorry i meant component. Even when I used component with the switch to HDTV the quality was still poor. Has anyone else experienced this?
Never had a problem on my hdtv, component comes through excellent.
i'll try again :-)
nope, I definietely get a much crisper picture with VGA than component. weird because I thought component was supposed to be high def.
I use a hdmi cable and the quality is great.
is that with the new xbox 360 (ELITE)?
What resolution is the console on.

And VGA I think is far higher quality, but component should still be really high.
um i think the console is set at 1080i but the quality is far lower than VGA

is that with the new xbox 360 (ELITE)?

erm, it's just the normal one mate, only got it on friday though...
how do you get a normal (premium) xbox to play through HDMI?
I'm assuming that 1080i is better than 720p? With either 1080i or 720p the picture is still worse than with the VGA cable. Strange.

how do you get a normal (premium) xbox to play through HDMI?

They are the new pros.Look exactly like the premium but with HDMI
And 720p is better than 1080i
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