Xbox 360 Confusion

    At the risk of sounding like an idiot,

    Whats the difference between the xbox 360 premium and xbox 360 pro

    pro from this website >‌…600

    Premium from this website >‌…h01

    From those what are the differences apart from the price?



    the pro is the new premium... pro is supposed to have HDMI port, premium doesn't

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    So the premium cant hook up to a HD tv? What does the HDMI port do?

    Looks like shopto have increased their price by £20, bought one only a month ago for £199.99 same console...

    use the component cable to hook your 360 to your HDTV

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    So its irrevalent whether its pro or premium?

    I would recommend the the Pro version... just because they are supposed to be newer build

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    The problem is that on gamestation u can get the xbox 360 premium, halo 3, forza 2 and a additional wireless controller for £249.99

    you should be ok just remember to keep hold of your receipt then you can get a replacement if anything happens to it
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