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Found 3rd Mar 2008
Looking to get up and back onto xbox live. Dont really wanna to pay £60 for a wireless network adapter. I have my 360 by my laptop and both can be connected with my ethernet cable. Is there any chance i could connect these two with the cable, and use my laptop's wireless internet connection to go onto xbox live ? Thanks for the help everyone !
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Yes, you can do that. Ethernet to XBOX from Laptop use laptops wireless. I do it with my desktop, also gives the advantage of allowing to stream media striaght from PC to XBox. Goto the network connections in start and goto your wireless network connection, double click it advanced tag, tick the allow other devices to hare my connection. Any help let me know.
Thanks guys.

Paddy, done what you said, clicked ok and got this message.

"An error occured while Internet Connection Sharing was being enabled.

Internet Connection Sharing cannot be enabled.
A LAN connection is already configured with the IP address that is required for automatic IP addressing."
anyone know why I get this error ?
the message is usually when u have multiple adapters in one pc, this is quite common as things like firewire, wifi can be classed as lan adapters, so can software utilities like firewalls so if u insist on using one of those this may be too tricky for u.

PS the article above appears to be slighlty flawed, there are two types of ethernet cable
i would not have expected the xbox to have any sensing on its ethernet port so this technique will probably work better with a crossover cable not a patch cable
ok thanks, so what should I do ?

I think I may have to set up another ip address on the router, not sure how to though...
errmm im not sure lol, i never had this but i imagine this is whats appenin

1 your router powers up and assigns its own internal interface ip (or something like that)

2 your pc powers up and is given address of (by router or already set in config)

3 enabling ics on your pc will make it want to claim a lower ip than taht existing on the pc's lan interface*
take advice on this line other that mine!!!!!!! uninstall any software firewall

a. disconnect router or switch it off
b. reboot pc, and enable ics
c. shut down (not restart ) pc
d power router on and wait a min
e power pc back on

* ics like firewall sets up an artificial external interface (lan connection) and act as dhcp servers like your router
report back
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