Found 15th Jul 2009
Hi iv just got an xbox 360 its the 60gb one.
iv got it next to my pc and was just wondering how do i go about connecting my pc to my 360. not for internet just so i can play my music off from it etc.

iv connected them by ethernet, as in one end in the 360 and one end in the pc.
But i keep getting limited/no connectativty.

Can someone give abit of help pleassee

will repp


You can't connect them directly using a regular ethernet cable... you need a cross over cable.

Or, put a switch in between the pc and xbox if you only have regular ethernet cables lying around.

Original Poster

how do you put a switch between them? ah iv manged to get access to my songs and photos via just the standered ethernet cable.

What is the media center thing then? as i still cant connect to that?
And finally my pc is wirelss would i be able to connect my 360 to my pc to be able to play online?
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