Xbox 360 console "going rate" thread - NEED SUGGESTIONS / INPUT

    I thought that it may be time to create such a thread so people can use it for reference, I am willing to keep it constantly updated and will listen to everyones opinions and experiences regarding the going rates or all 360 items. Weather full consoles or just the console on it's own.

    Again this is only for reference and people can treat it how they wish, but it is intended so that buyers and sellers can benefit and will not be geared towards one or the other.

    I will create what I feel are the going rates for each type in post #1, no flaming allowed, but all appropriate suggestions on prices will be listened to.

    Again, this is meant for us all to benefit!


    Original Poster


    ARCADE - £129.99 / PREMIUM (60GB) - £169.99 / ELITE - £229.99

    Non HDMI 360's Full package, Fully working, Fully Boxed:

    Core - £85 - £95
    Pro (20GB) - £110 - £120

    RROD fixed by MS - Minus £5
    RROD fixed by joe bloggs from a youtube video - Minus £10

    Modded (iExtreme firmware) -
    £90 - £100 for core (banned - Minus £15-20)
    £115 - £125 for premium (banned - Minus £15-20)

    Console only -
    £60 Core
    £65-70 Premium (silver besels go for near £10)

    Modded (iExtreme firmware) -

    £70 - £75 Core (banned - Minus £15-20)
    £80 - £85 Premium (banned - Minus £15-20)

    RROD ones -
    SEALED - £45 +
    pre-registered £35+
    Pre-fixed RROD ones £30+
    Nothing extra for iextreme ones as anyone opening to fix will more than likely have the ability to flash one too.

    I will go into HDMI VERSIONS next but thought it best to get some feedback on this lot first. Please, all suggestions are welcome.

    Should the RROD ones be the other way round?? I personally think all MS fixed RROD ones are pap, either way when sold on they dont carry the warranty as it would have been registered by the owner to get it fixed first.


    dudey could you plz tell me how much all the extras in an elite will sell for, im thinking of getting one, but im either going to hold out until they drop price or just split the console so all ive got left is console av leads, controller and power brick. thanks

    blineboy, really not much, as you need a hard drive. if you do decide to sell the 120gb hard drive your looking at 80 quid or so. The headset around 7 quid, hdmi cable, roughly 10 quid of official microsoft. Ethernet cable around 3 quid.

    Im not sure, dudeey is best to awnser, im just too big for my boots these days.


    thanks for replying strike, ill prob just wait and see what happens or if any good bunldes appear, i really wanted the elite deal from woolworths but my local didnt have any in.

    I've got a 360 Pro 60GB console, boxed and sealed with Lips game.
    Any idea what it's worth?

    lol sorry of topic but I've just fixed my 360 "again"... I've got it all out of it's white case, lol. Because each time it fails I can repair it easier... I just got the three red lights, so I just took the power away from the fan and let it burn away (yesh it can harm the 360... but me braking it with a hammer because it doesn't work will harm it as well!) and then let it chill... and it works again. I've used that penny trick... works wonders... Any how... i'll be checking this thread out if it keeps dieing on me more often..."then" i'll be another! lol.


    I've got a 360 Pro 60GB console, boxed and sealed with Lips game.Any idea … I've got a 360 Pro 60GB console, boxed and sealed with Lips game.Any idea what it's worth?CheersJeff




    I would say £140 - £150 for your 360


    I would say £140 - £150 for your 360

    Including the game?
    The game is selling well on Fleabay at £35-40


    Including the game?The game is selling well on Fleabay at £35-40

    I would say so. You can buy a console + games package for £166 and then flog the games for about £50.

    Question: I have a BRAND NEW, SEALED XBOX Arcade (256 MB mem) with the Pacman / Uno / B Rocket / Feeding Frenzy / Luxor pack, I was wondering:
    1. what is it worth ?

    2. are there are different version of the Arcade that are worth more than others ?

    3. am I better off selling it here on HDUK, or on Ebay ? (or somewhere else ?)
    Ebay takes an awful lot in fees, which I'd obviously like to avoid.
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