XBOX 360 Console only deal..

    my xbox has just packed up with the ring of death, guttede.
    Is there any place doing a decent deal on console only anywhere?

    Thanks people.



    hi mate send it away to xbox , they should fix it for free

    Yeah, if its less than 3 years old microsoft should fix it for free.

    Original Poster

    Its gonna take em a while to fix it, if i can get another one fairly cheap im just gonna get another.


    It takes a week the pick it up and deliver it back

    yes takes a week, 10 days at most from pickup to drop off

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    Nice one, i thought it was a lot longer than that, cheers.
    Edited by: "ha,mess" 4th Dec 2010

    I've sent away 3 and they've arrived back within 10-17 days.
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