Xbox 360 controller doesn't work on my android TV box but will work on my android tablet via OTG cable

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Posted 4th Mar 2016
Want to play my collection of 10p games i bought from the playstore on my android TV box. My xbox 360 wired controller doesn't seem to do anything apart from the green light just flashes. I've seen on Youtube that the controller does work on an android TV box but mine doesn't. Any smart people out there suffered from this or know of a solution? I bought one of those cheap look alike usb super Nintendo controllers from China and they work no problem but would rather use my xbox controller.
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    This can happen on rooted devices due to the android version they used not having the correct keylayout file. I'm afraid far as I know it isn't any easy fix. The below guide (although it says for wireless but read last few comments on 1st post "UPDATE
    Some of you do not have the Keylayout file for even the USB Xbox Controller, I am attaching the file (it needs to be unzipped), you will need to paste it into the /system/usr/keylayout/ folder. "

    You don't need to do any of the other steps just grab the file and insert into that folder. Best putting the file onto a stick and doing a copy and paste using something like esfileexplorer.…531
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    Thank you mate helpful as always, i will give it a go later.
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    In Xbox 360 or Xinput-compatible controller, then you should be able to use it with your phone or tablet. For most Android devices, you'll need what's known as a USB host cable in order to plug a full-size USB-A plug into themicro-USB port on your phone or tablet.Sony TV Repair
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