Xbox 360 Controllers. Slim vs Original vs PrecisionAIM controller.

Found 24th Jan 2011
Hi all!

I was just wondering if this is just me, or not, so I thought i'd post it here!

I just pulled an old controller out of the drawer, a white and grey wireless one. There are no like kobbles on the analouge sticks. (is this a very early controller, or just worn?)

I normally use the fully black Xbox 360 Slim controller, with the mirror finish xbox button, not too old.

I noticed before, when I went to other peoples houses, how I played much better with MY controller, which dad thinks is sad! I realised this again when I tried one of the old white ones. The analouge sticks feel very different... they're too smooth and loose, and the completely smooth tops are strange too. The click in feels worn too.

Is the Xbox Slim controller built any differently? Does anybody know? Just seems like the sticks are miles better?!

Or my white ones and friends ones are all really old and worn... and the one I just used was an original ancient model with **** built sticks, now ever worse with wear.

Just wonderd if anyone else was attached to their controller really! I'm no pro, I spend about an hour a week online on Black Ops, but I just feel the new Xbox Slim controllers are miles better... but I may be comparing them to ancient models/worn ones. Wondered if anyone knew of any build differences?

If there are, I'll buy another Xbox S controller, cause i'm forever losing it, and hate this old white one!

Has anybody got one of those MadCatz PrecisionAIM controllers with the buttons on the back? I contemplated one, since I don't really need wireless, and fancied buttons on the back for melee and crouch... but I wonder if it'd feel odd, or if you'd get used to the buttons on the back easily.

Thanks alot!

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the only difference in official xbox controllers AFAIK is the D-pad.
no nobbles is definate wearing :P
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