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Found 14th May 2007
Are any of the cooling stands on the market actually worth it? I read a review on amazon about the Nyko stand and it has mixed reviews much like the majority of others.

Can anybody recommned one that does a good job?

Or are these just fangles?
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i had the problem of my xbox freezing regularly and read on the internet about cooling it. I've raised the power supply up using a couple of video boxes at each end so air can completely circulate round it and its much better...

still freezes every now and again but much better.

i hear some of these cooler void your warrenty
Oooh interesting. So you actual raise the power brick. Might give it a bash. Cheers Rickpee.
np thats what i have done. was a bit dubious about if it'd work or not - but its free to try at least and showd some improvement
I wouldn't bother with these cooling devices. There's no evidence that they're actually any use (as far as I'm aware) and I think I heard that Microsoft said that they void the warranty. They could cause more harm than good to your xbox.
I have a couple of cooling fans which I am looking to swap for a 360 game. The only reason I am selling them is because I no longer stand the console upright and they don't fit in the cupboard.

If you are interested in any let me know:

1. 4Gamers xbox 360 Cooling Fan (Same as this one):


2. MadCatz 4 in 1 Charger, Fan & Stand (Same as this one):

The 4gamers style fan has had some critics but no firm evidence to suggest it affects the console at all, infact alot of the company's now offer a lifetime warranty that if it breaks your 360 they will replace the console. I decided to go for one after reading this review:



It's exactly the same fan (just differnet make), I used it for a while and had no problems at all, but have a read and make your own mind up.
I will give Rickpees advice a go I think.

Thanks for the offer though de_deej, much appreciated.
I use the Nyko intercooler as well. My previous 360 packed in, so I went out and bought one when M$ were fixing it. I have used it for 3 months now with my new console and I've not had any freezing problems so far.

My thinking at the time was that the console could do with all the cooling help it can get, and even if this helps a smidgen then it's a worthwhile investment (also I had some high street vouchers to spend!)
I wouldn't get one purely because Microsoft themselves said it'd void the warranty lol Wouldn't want the hassle if the worst should happen
I can recommend the NYKo cooling fan, thought it might be gimmicky, but have to admit that it does the job perfectly, i say go for it
I used to use the NYKO fan but stopped using after the reports that they can do more harm than good and the NYKO apparantly drains essential power from the 360 with it taking the power from it

Microsoft will also void your warrenty if they find out you have been using a cooling system on the 360, whether the fans are bad or Microsoft just don't want you using 3rd party items
Hmm the thing is, it's (360) fans should be fine anyway, so I'd feel a bit ripped off buying one
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