Xbox 360 data transfer help please?

    Ok i bought a Xbox 360 S 250gb late last year (still in warrenty) and it is kinda broke, it buzzes very loudly and freezes every know and again. I contacted the place i bought if from and they said they would replace it which is great. The only problem is how can i transfer the data from this xbox to a new one? As i am unsure how to do it with the xbox 360 s

    Thanks for the help.


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    dontasciime via a configured usb flash pen

    Thanks from a old to a new how would you do it from a new to a new, the new dont have hard drives that you can take off

    How much do u want to transfer? Don't forget all your purchases can be re downloaded when u get the new machine. I used a 4th USB pen for all my game saves and gamertag stuff and then re downloaded my purchases for free when logged in with my gamertag. Should be fine, but only if you have Internet connection!


    Thanks from a old to a new how would you do it from a new to a new, the … Thanks from a old to a new how would you do it from a new to a new, the new dont have hard drives that you can take off

    then you would do the second thing I typed, use a usb pen

    or take out the 250gig hdd and place it into an older style hdd case and use tx kit bearing in mind the shop will want tihe old one back b4 giving you the new one.

    So buy a fast 16 gig flash pen eg corsair gt 16 gig or a data ferry drive from amazon or buy 2 of them then start txing the stuff you want to the pen, if 14.4 gig + then you will need a second pen as well

    you could also use an external usb hdd configured thru settings on xbox 360 . 16 gig per usb with a max of 2 usb ports of 16gb each . Make sure you haeva backup of the data on usb hdd

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    On the hard drive transfer cable would i be able to use transfer from console to transfer all the data onto a old 20gb hard drive i have and then use the data cable again to transfer that data onto the new console that i am getting?

    Just swap the hard drives as they do come out of the slims. . Remove the black grill first its on the left half side of the disk drive

    if the data you have is less thatn 13.x gig then yes*. Im sure a 20 gig xbox 360 hdd is around 13.8 gig

    *might depend on version of software on disc for transfer kit and that you can still override the software present in dashboard which is alerted to the presence of a connected transfer kit…spx
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    Does anybody know anywhere i can send off my new corrupted 360 slim hard drive to get all my game saves off? From reading some of the 360 forum's it seems microsoft will just send out another hard drive and not Fix which is what i am after.

    ^corruptions signs being ?


    ^corruptions signs being ?

    The 360 slim 4gb keeps rebooting every few seconds , if i take the 250 gig hard drive out console works fine, tested in another 360 slim 4gb same result,the data seemed to transfer ok from older xbox but when it prompted me for an update to xbox live and after installing update, console kept rebooting,going to bring it to a pc repair place tommorrow to see if any way to get data off hard drive.

    ^clean the contacts on the power and sata on HDD and make sure you are pushing it in fully. especially if it's a tight fit...

    :lol looks so bad...
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