xbox 360 drive help

    Hi everyone just looking for a bit of advice.

    i have a 360 and its been flashed, now my problem is that the dvd drive seems to be on its way out, struggles to play games and always getting the disc is dirty error, and even getting this with brand new shop bought games.

    Now is it possible for me to get another drive and get it working in my machine, and if so is it as easy as just taking apart and replacing or is there more to it.

    thanks to anyone that can help


    yea, you can buy any xbox360 drive you want, however if you plan on going online with it make sure u buy the same make & model as the existing one. As ive heard ms can detect the change of drive. but who knows :P

    You will also have to have it flashed again obviously.

    You can get drives from £20 from ebay.

    Also you may want to install games to your xbox's hard drive so the laser doesnt ware out.
    using copied discs makes the laser work harder.

    cant just replace you'd have to get the special info from the current drive and flash it to the new one.

    you may just find its your discs getting old, as cheap media degrades over time, but would also wear your laser out too...

    and no, ms wont detect the change in drive, they will detect your modded firmware though... eventually

    Original Poster

    thanks i thought it would be somthing like messing with firmware and stuff.

    also not botherd about online as my console has already been banned.

    think its the laser thats gone as i bought dj hero new the other week and it wouldnt play it at all.

    looks like ill need to find a place that can do this for me

    dunno if this helps, i think this guy is selling a flashed drive.…r-s

    get a new laser for 10 bux should cost aroun £20 supplied and fitted

    depe4nding on model you could just switch the control boards.
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