Xbox 360 dvd space?

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Found 1st Apr 2007
does anyone know roughly how much memory each xbox 360 games take up on the dvd discs they use?

surely won't the xbox 360 games being developed come to the point of being to big to fit on the dvds?

if this does happen will they end up having a built in hd-dvd disc drive or will they will they able to spread the game on to more than dvd?

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Currently games do not fill DVDs, most are less than 1/2 the DVD's capacity. I vaguely remember Microsoft saying that the HD-DVD drive is purely for films, not games (I'm unsure if the USB connection would be fast enough for games anyway).

Currently it's not disc capacity that limits games, it's the hardware for playing the games. Look at Elderscrolls: Oblivion - that doesn't fill the DVD but the manufacturers have maximised the gameplay such that there are great graphics, with (reasonably) acceptable loading times between areas. Currently if they were to increase the detail etc. by putting more data on the DVD the load times would be excessive.

So, in short, no I don't think that xbox 360 games will come to the point of not fitting on the DVDs.
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