XBOX 360 DVD Upscale?

    Hi, If i use the VGA cable to my HD tv, will my XBOX 360(Core System) upscale standard DVDs to 1080i?




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    Thanks - Just to confirm, I don't have the HD DVD player, just the standard XBOX.

    [SIZE=2]Yes it does upscale as far as I'm aware, it was added in a dashboard update a while back which you may need depending on the age of your 360 and whether it's on Live or not. You have full upscaling over VGA and HDMI and more limited upscaling over component.[/SIZE]

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    Thanks and rep to you both. Just need the TV now!

    No problem, it does make a reasonable difference - while it can't offer the quality of HD DVD, the DVD playback on HDTVs originally was pretty nasty however there was a noticeable difference after they released the dash update.

    I would also recommend the Xbox media remote, it's fairly handy as you don't need to bring up the menu bar to use the controls, it can be programmed to work TVs and it also lights up.

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