Xbox 360 e74 1 red light error

    Does Microsoft cover this error for 3 years or just the 1 year?

    When going by the date on the rear of a console which is the day and which is the month, it says 2007-11-02. Is that February 2007 or November 2007.

    Also I think the Xbox has been opened although when I purchased it he said it had never been opened but it looks like some play to the casing around the clips. Do MS accept consoles that have been opened? Also is there any way of checking if the console has been registered with someone else?



    e74 is covered by the 3 year warrranty. if the seal is intact you maybe ok, and to check if it has been registered go to…ort and register repair. You will soon know if it has been registered or not

    If it´s still in the year 3 warranty MS will fix it. (unless someone else has registered it already)
    If it looks like it´s been tampered with, you very likely will get it returned by them unfixed with a letter
    saying it´s been tampered with.
    Worth a go though as you´ve got nothing to lose.

    Still just in the warranty period get it sent off for free. Ring them or sign up online.

    Don't worry about it being opened, they are getting loads of these turn up everyday so you would be VERY unlucky to have it returned un-fixed. Not worth the hassle their end!

    2007-11-02 is November, with the year first the month is always second. It's only when the year is last that you have to watch out for the weird American dates.

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    Thanks all, will check online now to see if it was registered. Knowing my luck it will have.

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    They have accepted the return, just hope no-one has already messed with the insides.

    Good luck :-)
    I know quite a few people who got theirs returned cuz of visible marks from opening on the case.
    Always depends on if the person who looks at yours cares or not...

    If the tamper sticker isn't on then it has been opened.

    You might as well send it - worst case the send it back unfixed - but seeing as I sent one in that arrived in the fatherland on the 10th this month and was sent back on the 12th - looks like they are not as busy as they used to be.
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