Xbox 360 E74 Error - x-clamp fix???

    Hi, my xbox recently got the E74 error with the bottom right red light flashing. I've done a little research and was thinking of replacing the 'x-clamp' using some of the packs you can get on fleabay, they cost around £4.
    Firstly, is this the right root to go? My xbox is passed it's warranty, so the other option would be to force RROD and send it to them, which I'm not too keen on doing.
    Secondly, the packs on fleabay vary, some offer nylon washers and others say avoid them. If anyones got any advice on this or has had the same problem before and managed to fix it, i'd be much appreciative.


    I have done this fix 3 times on 3 different xbox's 2 of them are still fine after 6 and 4 months. I am going to have to redo 1 of them as that has got the error back again.
    I bought the kits off ebay, the seller was really helpful too, and found it really easy to do as long as you follow the instructions word for word/picture for picture. The kits i had got were the ones with the nylon washers.
    So it is worth giving it a try if your xbox is out of warranty, you have nothing to lose

    My xbox was 2 months out of warranty when this happened. Got it chnaged thanks to CAB and consumer directs advice

    I have fixed E74 error with xclamp fix.

    just say it gets 3rrod from time to time and free fix

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    OK thanks for the advice, I've opened it so I won't be sending it back to microsoft, probably get one of the kits from fleabay.

    There are loads of testimonies to say x-clamp replacement kits work fine but you will need teh right tools, some of the T8 screws holding the MOBO to the case are clearly done up with a air gun and can be really hard to undo without a big enough handle to grip.

    Just make sure when you remove the x-clamps you don't sratch the MOBO else you will be up a creek. just pry them off gently, I find popping a little screw driver in the top and pushing it away from the screw forces enough slack to pop it off.
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