Found 30th Dec 2007
Can it be bought for less than £279

I thought with the January sales it would reduce in price. Seems not the case

Can anyone help me find a better price?


Ive got a mate who is an area manager for gamestation (a really good mate when it comes to discounts), and he's told me to wait 'til late january before you'll really see changes in the prices o the elite system and the other systems etc. Gamestation retail the cheapest arcade system at the mo' but i'm not too sure on th price of the elite.

Best thing to do is keep checking the HUKD site, and occasionally log onto, HMV online, Woolworths, gamestation etc. I know it sounds daft, but some of the catalogue companies like Great Universal have had some craking deals on the 360 just before xmas, and whats even better is that u dont have to pay nowt 'til Nov 08!!

The processor and power unit in the Elite and some other models have been changed in the past few months, and i have been told that these uprated systems are head n shoulders above the previous models. The below link is a forum which will give you some info on the processors etc. But back to your initial post,.. sit tight and give it a few weeks.


looks like the best deal is £268.79 from when used with quidco but £279.99 does seem to be the cheapest retail

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Cheers guys

£269 for an Elite at Dixons.
£279 before the voucher code which is Jan10.
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