XBOX 360 Elite - Confirmed

    Back in Black: Elite 360 Confirmed
    New HDMI-enabled system due in late April, 120GB HDD also sold separately.
    by Douglass C. Perry

    US, March 27, 2007 - In what appears to be Microsoft's standard cart-before-the-horse style of information delivery, the leading console manufacturer of this generation confirmed nearly all of the rumors preceding today's announcement of the new black, HDMI-enabled Xbox 360 Elite.

    Dubbed the Xbox 360 Elite (not the "Zephyr" as had been rumored), the new black, $479.99 Xbox 360 comes bundled with a 120GB hard drive, has an HDMI port, and will ship to the US and Canada Sunday, April 29, 2007, Microsoft told IGN today in an interview over the phone.

    The new "Elite" console contains the same parts, processors and chips as the Core and Pro units, and has the same dimensions, only it's got an HDMI port on its back-side (in addition to the standard RGB port) and comes with a 120GB hard disc drive (HDD), cables and headset, all in black.

    "And for a unit that's got twice the hard drive storage space as the PS3, comes with an HDMI cable, an Ethernet cable and a headset, it's still $120 cheaper than the $599.99 high-end PlayStation 3," said Albert Penello, Microsoft's director of global platform marketing.

    A standalone $179.99 HDD also ships April 29. This package includes one 120GB HDD, software, and a specialized cable to port data from a user's current hard drive to the new one. To complement the new black console, Microsoft will also ship a wireless black controller (MSRP $49.99), a black Play and Charge Kit ($19.99), and a standalone rechargeable battery pack ($11.99) on April 29, also in black.

    "The Elite is not a limited edition. It's permanent. And we will not replace any sku," Penello explained when referring to the flurry of rumors preceeding the official announcement. "We now have three SKUs and we predict the primary seller will continue to be the Pro system."

    Penello also addressed concerns the new bigger hard drive might lead game developers to require it as a standard. "We won't force experiences that require the new HDD. Games will still be optimized around the 20GB experience. Nobody will be forced to buy a new drive."

    Microsoft has no plans to offer rebates, discounts, or free trade-ins for loyal early adopters. When asked how he thought gamers would respond to the new higher-priced addition, Penello said, "I think and hope that people are going to understand. There is as price for being an early adopter and your points and feelings are valid (Penello said when referring to gamers IGN suggested would be angry about the new system). But whenever you innovate and change, you have to face this situation. Your same old system is still perfectly valid. Think about it this way, it's a new bundle that comes with a bigger hard drive."

    When IGN asked why the launch system didn't come with a larger hard drive and an HDMI port, Penello explained: "We could never have done this before, to bring HMDI and 120 GB to the system when we launched in 2005. The reason we didn't do it before was because the HDMI standard wasn't complete. It takes time to develop these things. We started the console earlier than Sony did and when the HDMI standard wasn't done. At the time we were developing, this stuff was in transition."

    IGN suggested to Penello that gamers might become skeptical about buying an Xbox 360 because of the introduction to this new system. Many gamers are already skeptical the existing systems aren't reliable, as they have witnessed countless stories of broken 360s only one and a half years since the launch in November 2005. Why should they buy a new system now, if for some new reason, Microsoft decides to create a new system a year and a half from now?

    "Should we just ignore new technology? Or listen to the input we hear from gamers and address it? If some new technology comes out, I'm going to have to look at that. We're trying something new."……jpg

    Whilst it does sound good, personally I'm a bit annoyed, seeing as I only bought my 360 in December, plus it does look better in black.


    lol. so they ARE worried by the ps3

    im annoyed too

    got my xbox in december too

    i want a bigger hdd -as this means that its likely that some kind of vod is on the way

    i bought the premium 360 in december too, if this was out i would have bought it instead.


    lol. so they ARE worried by the ps3

    This has been in the works for aaagggeessss.

    I belive the bigger hdd os for all the new video content to be released. SOuth park the movie, braveheart and team america.

    No one want to complain it is too expensive?

    No wireless, no Blu-Ray.

    The inside is the same as the whit 360, which means it will still be loud and overheat.

    At less then £400 (afetr discounts) the PS3 is looking more tempting.

    I think that this top-spec 360 is more of a direct competitor to the PS3 than the white 360 has been (Price and spec wise) but only people who are interested in using their consoles as a media-hub (for viewing HD movies, using IPTV, listening to music etc.) rather than simply a games machine will really be interested IMO.

    I think the internal aspects of all the 360s has been improved from the original specs now though. Quieter drive, runs cooler etc.

    Also, lets not forget that if Blu-ray wins the format war then it will be available for the 360 as an additional drive, if HD-DVD wins, the PS3 could be up the creek without a SIXAXIS paddle!!

    The console war is getting interesting at last!!:thumbsup:

    I bought a 360 Premium not long back and I'm not bothered by this one bit. I don't know why people are throwing their teddies out of the cot. it's not going to play the games any differently and they wont look any different if you're going HD through composite. You'll pay more for the the bigger Hard drive which you're not likely to use but if you are then buy a new bigger one.

    All in it's just people who have to have the latest or they feel inferior. Grow up guys. MS are giving people a choice and options on what they can buy and I think that's a great thing.

    Guy H

    All in it's just people who have to have the latest or they feel … All in it's just people who have to have the latest or they feel inferior. Grow up guys. MS are giving people a choice and options on what they can buy and I think that's a great thing.

    Spot on :thumbsup:


    I think the internal aspects of all the 360s has been improved from the … I think the internal aspects of all the 360s has been improved from the original specs now though. Quieter drive, runs cooler etc.

    The drives have not been improved, ie 65nm chips.

    Of course there have been small changes here and there since launch, but the 65nm is the real deal - it uses less power which means cooler unit. Cheaper to make for M$ which should also coincide with a price drop.

    how much will it cost us guys then? in uk


    how much will it cost us guys then? in uk

    Well currently it works out to be about £250 in the US, but of course it won't be released here for ages, released end of April in US & Canada. Plus of course, the additional ripoff tax for being British that we get hit for.

    so were talking about 350 or so here.

    There's rumours of £299, £325 and £349.99 but i would assume the latter, as the price is never very close to the dollar equivalant after all the additional work and taxes involved for european releases.

    We may get lucky though, as they may throw in a free game or extra accessory for the £350 price and i would expect the premium to then drop further too.

    I hope that they make the price more competitive than £350. If PS3's are selling for £399 then the addition of having a next-gen movie player already integrated is gonna sway more people to go get the PS3. Realistically i think the current premium pack will be reduced to about £230 RRP or something and *hopefully* the elite be priced at around £320

    What really makes me scratch my head is why they put such a high RRP on the hard drive, i mean, the 20gb one out atm is £50-60. Ridiculous, absolutely ridiculous. If microsoft really believe im gonna start paying for and downloading tv shows to my 360 hard drive and have to shell out another £XX amount for the 120gb HD, theyve got another think coming. No thanks, i'll continue downloading them and streaming them via media center thanks :giggle:


    The drives have not been improved

    By drive I mean disc drive. MS changed from using a Hitachi DVD drive to a quieter Samsung DVD drive IIRC.

    They're now using a quieter Benq drive.

    Yeah, it's the disk drive that is the noisy part for sure.

    What?! With the noise that the fans make, the disc drive noise level is negligable!
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