Xbox 360 Elite. Info (When? Cost?) required please.


    I would like to know if anyone knows when the Xbox 360 Elite is going to be out in the UK, and also how much it will cost?

    Last month, i was told May by 'GAME' But thats obviously not happening.

    I would also like to know if anyone has played on it and seen whether the graphics really make the difference.

    Thank you


    Autumn and no price confirmed yet.

    And as for the graphics i assume you mean playing through a HDMI cable. You'll only notice the difference on a top end TV.

    Original Poster

    Yeah, i got a nice samsung HD so that should be cool! Thanks for the info, anyone else got anything else?

    Read somewhere on this site i think that its not going to be worth it.The extras are HDMI,Black,120 HD but don't know much about 360's so i will try and remember where the topic was and post the link.

    I dont think its worth it,Maybe for the 120 HD, but that can be bought without buying console,
    I might be tempted if they have fixed the hardware problems (red lights)
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