Xbox 360 Elite / install to HDD questions

Found 18th Nov 2009
I already have an (unhacked!) 360 in the lounge but I want to move this upstairs to my sons bedroom.

If I was to buy a 360 Elite and install games to its hard drive could I then:

Start a game from the Elite HDD
Take the DVD out of the Elite
Go upstairs and get the game running on the other 360 so my kids can race / shoot each other?

I know that the Elite needs to have the disc in the drive when you start the game from its HDD - but I was hoping, probably forlornly, that I would be able to use one copy of the game and have it running on two machines...

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance



The Disc needs to be in the drive thought-out the time u play it, u cannot remove the disc.
also if u install it to one hard drive and then install it to another, the 1st xbox will somehow detect that the game has been installed elsewhere and will need to be re-installed again

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Pants - but thanks for letting me know!
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