XBox 360 - Elite or Pro?

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Found 16th Feb 2010
I'm usually pretty savvy with tech stuff...but prices and chipsets etc with XBox 360s are doing my head in...

I see the Elite is usually about £200, but Sainsbury's currently have them for £160. However - my local Curry's is doing (what I presume is end of stock) of the Pro console. The only difference that I understand is that the Pro only has 60GB HD, whereas the Elite is double that at 120GB. Are there any other significant differences? Is the chipset different? Is the Pro more likely to suffer RROD?

Not fussed about having a smaller HD - it won't get used for bulk media storage anyway.

...and just to check - if I buy a 360 Arcade, I won't be able to play any Xbox Live games will I - I presume because I won't have space to download ' that right?


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Take a look, see if this helps … Take a look, see if this helps

Awesome - thanks! Seems like if the box shows the HDMI logo then it's got HDMI and the newer chipset. With one game it's only £130 at the local Currys, so might be worth a punt.

One other question - can the memory of the Arcade be expanded in any way - even if it means plugging in a USB stick? We already have a PS3, but the Mrs wants to get a Xbox to play FIFA and Peggle against her brother, online...if all we want is a few downloaded games, do I need 60GB, even?

You can expand the memory yeh!…kN8

But! Has to be official microsoft memory/HDD , can't be just your HDD or memory stick unfortunately.

I had a 20gb 360 for years & never filled it mate - only went to a 120gb Elite as it was only £40 to swap at the time & the Elite had HDMI & a new 3 year RROD warranty.

If you rent & dl the movies to your HD, it will fill up quick, but I just have 1 game installed to HDD (one I play the most), and everything else gets stored on an external 1TB HDD (movies, music etc)

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Cheers fellas. Seems the deal I've spotted was posted on HUKD before, but I missed it first time round. At £130, that's only £30 more than the Arcade at the moment - I'm guessing an additional HD unit is gonna cost around that anyway...???

The HUKD posty on this bundle, and the Yahoo! Answers page tell me different info about the Jasper chipset though - all very you reckon I fly in the face of stats, and buy the Pro and hope I'm not one of the 35 odd percent who get fails?!?

Cant you tell the manufacturing date from the label on the box ?

If it's after a certain date, it's Jasper - have a google, I dont have any links stored sorry.

I wouldnt really worry about it anyway mate, the RROD has a 3 year warranty now anyway
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