XBox 360 Elite prices/best deals

    Mid-summer 2009, I bought a mint condition pre-owned Xbox 360 elite console for £110 from a second hand chain store.

    It was in such good condition and so reliable that when I eventually passed it on (due to little use) the buyer didnt even ask when I bought it, I had to own up and tell them it was old.

    Anyway my deal request is this... the best place to buy an xbox 360 elite console would be .....??? Pre-owned again would be an option if quality could be assured.

    I've been blown away buy some of the prices I've been quoted online for even second hand consoles, they seem ridiculous, especially for new ones given that superior models now exist.

    I appreciate that the deal I got was superb at the time but even so, surely prices should have dropped to below at least the level I bought at originally?

    Anybody got any tips?


    Check supermarkets, i've been told that today.

    They seem to sell them off slightly cheaper as they are classed as "old" now.

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    sweetas2009 - I noticed that deal on here yesterday, looks good from some of the reveiws its had and defintiley an option if I cant pick up a new one over the weekend for a decent price.

    condracky - I havent been following the prices over the past year as I was an owner, then I was non-interested. Now I am interested again I just assumed that all the retailers would slash their prices as it was deemed to be an 'old' system, I guess they still feel a discontinued/non-manufactured item is still worth just £30-40 less than a brand new one which can more easily repaired/replaced.

    I'll call a couple of supermarkets locally to see what they have in stock, itll probably be best for a new one.

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    hunt around your local second hand shops guys

    i got a brand new xbox 360 slim 4GB for £70.


    they mustve made a mistake, the poor lad tried to explain to me that it wouldnt come with an ethernet cable.. this machine had never been openned or even turned on, happy days


    I would try ebay as i previously said in another post I recently got a xbox online on ebay £50 and i saw a black elite for £80.
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